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We know the components you’re looking for.
And where to find them.

We specialise in the procurement and distribution of electronic components and materials for a wide variety of markets, from the world’s leading manufacturers. We can help manage a complex Bill of Materials, or supply complete kits of components. But we do a lot more besides. Legacy, obsolete and long lead time components, we will endeavour to find them.. Or if you have superfluous or old component stock, our RCL Distribution subsidiary can take them on an excess or consignment basis. So we’re more than just a source for components.

We’re a one-stop resource for all your electronic component needs.


Legacy, obsolete and long lead time components. If it’s out there, we’ll find it.

From manufacturing to MOD, we know the electronics industry inside out. We also know a few other experts – the network of specialists we deal with around the world. So if there’s an obsolete or hard-to-find electronics component you need, chances are we’ll know where to source it.

Wherever possible, our components are fully traceable. But if the ones we find are from a non-traceable source, we can also offer you the option to have them inspected and tested by impartial, third party specialists. Giving you all the peace of mind you need.

Test house


Excess and Consignment

Surplus electronics stock? We can deal with that too.

It takes up valuable storage space. It ties up capital too. Surplus inventory of electronic components can be an unwanted by-product of a simple change in production or manufacturing processes. But it needn’t be a problem.

Ridgeway subsidiary RCL Distribution specialises in helping you deal with excess stock. We can either purchase your excess components in full; or we can sell them on your behalf through our global network in a consignment arrangement. A simple – but invaluable – solution.